C# 7.0 new features

C# 7.0 introduced a lot of interesting stuff. Sometimes it is better to show than to say, so this post is attempt to show these new features on a small application. This program is a small calculator, that can just divide numbers.

void Main()
	var thousand = 1_000;	//Numeric literal
	var binary = 0b0000_0000_0000_0000_0000_1111;	//Numeric literal
	ParseTwoStrings("8", "2", "3","Div", out int var1, out int var2, out _, out CalcOperation operation);	//Out variables and discards
	var operationObj = new Operation(operation);
	operationObj.Execute(var1,var2, 0);
	var (operationCopy,lastResult) = operationObj;	//Deconstructor
	Console.WriteLine($"last operation: {operationCopy}, last result:{lastResult}");

public static void ParseTwoStrings(object o1, object o2, object o3, string s4, out int i1, out int i2, out int i3, out CalcOperation op)
	if (o1 is string s1)	//Patterns
		int.TryParse(s1, out i1);
		i1 = 0;

	i2 = 0;
	switch (o2)
		case int i :	//Patterns
			i2 = i;
		case bool b  when b == true:	//Patterns
			i2 = 0;
		case string s2:
			int.TryParse(s2, out i2);
		case null:
			i2 = 0;
	i2 = i2 != 0 ? i2 : throw new ArgumentException ("can't be 0");

	if (o3 is string s3)
		int.TryParse(s3, out i3);
		i3 = 0;

	if(!Enum.TryParse(s4, true, out op))
		op = CalcOperation.Unknown;


public class Operation
	private CalcOperation _operation;
	private double _lastResult;
	public Operation(CalcOperation operation) => _operation = operation;	//expression-bodied members
	~Operation() => Console.WriteLine("finalize");	//expression-bodied members
	public string OperationStringName => _operation.ToString();	//expression-bodied members
	public void Deconstruct (out CalcOperation operation, out double lastResult)	//Deconstructors
		operation = _operation;
		lastResult = _lastResult;
	public double Execute(int op1, int op2, int op3)
		double r = 0;		
		var operands = (op1,op2);									
		var namedDperands = (FirstOperand:op1,SecondOperand:op2);	//named tuples;
		(int someOp1, int someOp2) = GenerateOperandsTuple(op1,op2);	//implicitly deconstruction pattern
		switch (_operation)
			case CalcOperation.Div:
				r = Div(op1,op2);
		Console.WriteLine($"Operands: {operands.Item1} and {namedDperands.SecondOperand}");
		return _lastResult = r;
		int Div(int v1, int v2) => v1 / v2;	//Local methods


static (int oper1, int oper2) GenerateOperandsTuple(int o1, int o2) => (o1,o2);//return multiple values without resorting to out parameters

public enum CalcOperation
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Git useful commands

For those who uses Git (including me) i started to collect useful commands. In this post i plan to collect some commands that i use often.

Stash the untracked files as well as the tracked ones (by default, git stash will only store files that are already in the index):

git stash -u

Selectively checkout file from stash:

git checkout stash@{0} -- C:/projects/skuvault/src/Infrastructure/StorageSettingsProvider.cs

Create patch from some commit (that commit excluded). (commits count +1 files will be created): git format-patch bd5f6f16ffab0b88ca58833bb97aadefdf90c083 >devvm.patch

Apply patch (will search all patches and apply commits from them) git am *.patch

Preview patch:

git apply --stat fix_empty_poster.patch

Apply patch:

git apply --exclude=*.csv c:/projects/ebayAccess/patch.diff

Find all .cs files from current dir containing specified string:

git grep 'GetProductsAsync' -- '*.cs'

Find all commits containing specified string in file:

git log -S "magentoService.GetProductsAsync" --oneline

Alias adding:

git config --global alias.co checkout

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JMeter introduction

During the software development process we often facing with need to test something. Depending on your goals and testing objects we choose the most appropriate testing tool. Today i want to show Jmeter and how it can be used. This article doesn’t cover all Jmeter features and testing techniques. This is just brief description of Jmeter functionality, the goal of this article is to introduce JMeter.

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