Cheat sheet - Git useful commands

For those who uses Git (including me) i started to collect useful commands. In this post i plan to collect some commands that i use often.


Stash the untracked files as well as the tracked ones (by default, git stash will only store files that are already in the index):

git stash -u

Stash specific file

Keep in mind index should be clean, otherwise files added to index will be added.

git stash push -m projectAssignment FilmTrack.Avails.Core.Tests/OdataWebApiTests/ContractCardProjectAssignmentsControllerBulkRemoveProjectsTests.cs


Selectively checkout file from stash:

git checkout stash@{0} -- C:/projects/skuvault/src/Infrastructure/StorageSettingsProvider.cs


Create patch from some commit (that commit excluded). (commits count +1 files will be created):

git format-patch bd5f6f16ffab0b88ca58833bb97aadefdf90c083 >devvm.patch

Apply patch (will search all patches and apply commits from them)

git am *.patch

Preview patch:

git apply --stat fix_empty_poster.patch

Apply patch (Don’t apply changes to files matching the given path pattern) :

git apply --exclude=*.csv c:/projects/ebayAccess/patch.diff

Find all .cs files from current dir containing specified string:

git grep 'GetProductsAsync' -- '*.cs'

Find all commits containing specified string in file:

git log -S "magentoService.GetProductsAsync" --oneline

git log -S ToObservable --source --all


Alias adding:

git config --global checkout


Rename remote branch:

git push origin :bug-fix/one-custom-section bug-fix/PB-426-one-custom-section
 - [deleted]               bug-fix/one-custom-section
 * [new branch]            bug-fix/PB-426-Remove-duplicate-custom-sections-from-solution -> bug-fix/PB-426-Remove-duplicate-custom-sections-from-solution
Written on October 29, 2016